Who is Putin’s double? Slawomir Sobala FEAR for his LIFE; Polish man warned not to grow mustache, NOT LEAVE HOME

Who is Putin’s double?  Slawomir Sobala FEAR for his LIFE;  Polish man warned not to grow mustache, NOT LEAVE HOME

A look-alike for Russian President Vladimir Putin was warned to grow a mustache and not leave the house. Slawomir Sobala has been warned for his own safety, as people who sympathize with Ukraine may attack him.

The Pole had made the second entry posing as the boss of Russia, but the situations have now changed. Sobala has also noticed a change in people’s behavior towards him after Russia invaded Ukraine.

similar to putin
Slawomir Sobala

Slawomir Sobala runs a transport company

“The war that Putin unleashed obviously affects my daily life. People often approach me on the street and tell me that I look like Putin. They also tell me many times not to leave the house for security reasons,” he told the agency. . daily star.

similar to putin
Sobala is now being asked to grow a beard and mustache.

Sobala is asked to grow a beard and mustache

Noting that people have asked him to grow a beard and mustache, Slawomir said that those close to him now do not want to look at him like Putin.

Sobala now avoids going to public places

While trying not to be in public places, he said that whenever he has to be in such places, he tries to avoid it and tries not to provoke the situation. Although, he stressed that despite being risky, he still works as an impersonator.

Sobala fears for her safety after Ukraine invasion

“I do not participate in entertainment projects and private events. I think that the character of Putin is now poorly received and that is why I do not want to expose myself to dangerous situations, ”he said. Star.

Sobala received an offer from film producers

Before, the owner of the transport company never feared for his safety, but now, after the invasion of Ukraine, he has to be very careful. Slawomir received multiple offers from professional film producers and in the near future he might sign a contract.

His wife sometimes finds this work fun as they meet people who look like other leaders and enjoy it. But it is also difficult because during the holidays on the beach or in public places people come up to her and say: ‘Hey, hey, you look like Putin, can I take a picture with you’?

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Source : www.ibtimes.sg

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