Watch the leaked video of the viral Linda Murphy incident

Watch the leaked video of the viral Linda Murphy incident

Who is Linda Murphy?

The 28-year-old woman was also said to be so devoted to her ex-boyfriend that she called him 77,639 times in a single week and sent him 1,937 emails, 41,229 texts and 647 letters. According to the diagnosis, Murphy engages in compulsive behavior.

Linda Murphy Wiki

The impulsively behaving ex-girlfriend who called her ex-boyfriend 770,000 times in a week and got arrested for it, Linda Murphy, gained notoriety online. On Reddit, the story quickly caught on and quickly began trending as a meme on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Watch the leaked video of the viral Linda Murphy incident

Linda Murphy was stalking her ex-boyfriend William Ryans, who had just broken up with her. This bullying incident was extremely bad. JD James Kilroy, William’s attorney, said his client was having trouble sleeping and was upset about what his ex-girlfriend had done.

Leaked Video Of Linda Murphy Viral Incident

Linda Murphy was quickly labeled crazy by those who spoke. Since the story went viral in 2014, people are curious about the girl’s whereabouts in 2022. Let’s learn more about what happened and Linda’s current location.

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Watch the leaked video of the viral Linda Murphy incident

Leaked Video of Linda Murphy Incident Going Viral on Reddit

A Reddit user shared a photo of Linda Murphy crying in 2014 along with the caption. This woman was arrested for calling her ex-boyfriend 77,000 times in one week and a link to the World News Daily Message. According to an article on the website, the Albuquerque Police Department arrested Linda Murphy, a Mexican woman, for extreme harassment.

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Leaked video of Linda Murphy incident goes viral on Twitter

It turns out that a website that seems to publish articles about trolls was the one that made up the whole story about Linda. The woman in the photo was a woman from Oklahoma named Ciera Steed. The article used her 2010 mug shot of her and made up a story about her. 2010 saw Ciera’s arrest, but not for stalking.

Leaked video of the Linda Murphy incident viral on YouTube

Linda Murphy didn’t handle her breakup with her boyfriend well, constantly calling him on three different phones and downing energy drinks to stay awake. The victim felt better when she learned later that she had finally been arrested.

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Linda Murphy viral leaked video

Instead, she climbed out of a McDonald’s test drive window while intoxicated. She received a lot of negative attention on social media after the story of her being shot went viral. She responded on Facebook. She cera asked people to stop messaging her about the fake meme in her comments and warned other users.

Leaked video of Linda Murphy incident goes viral on Instagram

Take note guys, don’t do drugs and move through the windows or it might occur to you. behind the fake woman is the real Linda Murphy, who works as a chemist at Pro Shopper and Pro Shopper, and lives with her son in Oklahoma.

More on the leaked video of the Linda Murphy incident

He further stated that Ryans was finally relieved that Linda Murphy was behind bars and that he wanted his ex-girlfriend to prevent her from moving forward with the help of the legal system and medical treatment. There is no such thing as Linda Murphy, the person who gained online notoriety for calling her boyfriend 770,000 times a week.

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