The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Season 1 Episode 4 Review

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Season 1 Episode 4 Review

Ricky Church reviews the fourth episode of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power…

With the latest episode of Amazon The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power marking the midpoint in the first season, the big picture of the season becomes clearer with Sauron’s return and intentions. ‘The Great Wave’ was a well-paced installment of the series that progressed nicely in both plot and character development.

The events in Númenor continued to be some of the most interesting on the show, as we got a closer look at the politics of the inner court and learned the reason why Queen Regent Miriel was so against helping Galadriel and the people. of Middle Earth. Cynthia Addai-Robinson gave a good performance as Miriel, showing more sides of her while balancing Miriel’s cool authority, reasoning, and genuine concern for the future of her people. She and Morfyyd Clark shared good chemistry as they verbally argued further.

While Miriel’s tone often remains emotionally disconnected from whoever she is speaking to, Addai-Robinson uses her body language and expressions to make Miriel an emotional character without relying on dialogue. This can be seen at the beginning of the episode with the newly born Númenorians or the way she looks at the petals falling from the Númenor tree.

Morfydd Clark continues to impress Galadriel and his chemistry with Halbrand from Charlie Vickers is evolving nicely as Halbrand offered the point of view Galadriel needs to deal with Miriel and the rest of Númenor. Trystan Gravelle got to show off quite a bit of Pharazôn’s skill as he effortlessly turned a hostile crowd into a positive one with a rousing speech.

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Maxim Baldry is also intriguing as the young Isildur, destined to doom all of Middle-earth by failing to destroy the Ring when he gets the perfect opportunity decades from now. Isildur is reckless and impulsive, but there is a youthful seriousness about him that Baldry shows well as Isildur strives to do what is right while forging his own future. It’s a good move to taunt Isildur who chooses to take the One Ring for himself than just the Ring’s manipulation ability.

Aside from the events in Númenor, ‘the greatest development of the Great Wave was in the Southlands as the Orcs continued their invasion and we potentially met Sauron in person. The climax of the episode with Tyroe Muhafidin’s Theo running and hiding through town in a one-shot tracking shot was very well choreographed and escalated through several close calls, including when Ismael Cruz Córdova’s Arondir arrived and helped him escape. .

There was also the character-driven nature of Elrond and Durin’s story, as Robert Aramayo, Owain Arthur, and Sophia Nomvete all had great scenes together that deepened their friendship, as well as the growing bond between Elrond and Disa.

However, two recurring issues so far this season are pacing and content. For the most part, the episode was well structured, focusing on significant storylines and developments for as long as it took. However, even with an episode where the Harfoots didn’t show up, there seems to be a lot of content building up between everything in Númenor, Bronwyn leading his people to safety, Elrond and the Dwarves mining Moria, and more. There’s a lot going on for even one episode that ‘The Great Wave’ tries to address, especially with all the individual storylines.

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The silver lining to this, though, is that a lot of the stories are starting to fall into place, from Miriel’s decision to help the Southlands to the true purpose of the sword Theo discovered. Since we’re now at the midway point, it’s great that the big picture is coming out, but it still could have happened a little earlier and without trying to tackle so many stories at once.

‘The Great Wave’ was a good episode of the rings of power that continued the character-driven nature while providing tense fight sequences and letting the overall plot become clearer. The cast is very strong and the visuals and makeup, particularly on the Orcs, stand out as some of the best work currently on television. Now that we’re past the midway point, we’re hoping the pacing will improve as the characters converge and the true threat is explored.

Rating: 7/10

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