‘The Kardashians’ Premiere Was All About Khloé Kardshian’s Baby Drama With Tristan Thompson

‘The Kardashians’ Premiere Was All About Khloé Kardshian’s Baby Drama With Tristan Thompson

After what seemed like a thousandth of a second out of the air, The Kardashians is officially back on Hulu, with more quasi-spiritual bromides, skintight fashions, and daddy-baby drama to keep us fed for the rest of the year.

The second season of Hulu’s self-titled documentary series about the Kardashians premiered today with an unusually somber episode centered around the news that Khloe’s cheating serial ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson had impregnated another woman while the two planned to have a second. baby through a surrogate. . We spend most of the hour watching the third oldest sister depressed while her family tries to support her with the best advice and organize the world’s most depressing baby shower. We also see Kris Jenner do a lot of soap opera crying.

Hopefully, this is as dark as the season gets (although we can assume there’s plenty of Kanye drama ahead). For now, we’re trying to break down the most ridiculous and Kardashian-esque moments beneath the tragedy that is Khloé and Tristan’s relationship.

It turns out that this family is extremely rare even in the midst of a crisis.

Kyndall: Well, it was a super fun and lighthearted premiere! Just the kind of fluff we’re used to from our favorite TV family!

Coleman: I’m assuming you’re being too sarcastic because that was a hit.

Kyndall: Of course. This was perhaps the most depressing hour of television I’ve seen in a long time.

Coleman: I honestly don’t think I’ve had less fun watching this family since the episode of To keep up to date where Kim spoke about the Paris robbery. I’ve been missing these girls so much since the last season ended two days ago, so I sat on my couch with a literal bowl of popcorn. It was not eaten.

Kyndall: On the contrary, it made me want to stress eat. LOL. But let’s get into the Tristan Thompson of all this! In the season 1 finale, we saw Kim break the news about her paternity suit to Khloé over the phone. And then we saw Kim turn off the speakerphone and go, “Oh my God.” By then, we knew that Khloé and Tristan had hired a surrogate mother for her second child. But in this episode, we find out that Khloé had an embryo transfer just days before the news about Tristan’s not-so-secret child. Are we surprised at all?

Coleman: I will say that I was surprised. Which in itself was shocking. How this family can still surprise me after what seems like half a century is amazing. I knew the moment we opened with a shot of Khloé set to somber music that we were in for something unexpected. And then, of course, it took me five minutes of blackboard math to figure out the timeline between last season’s airing and this season’s airing.

What do you think of Khloé’s conversation with Kylie? Kylie told him, “I feel like [this baby] it’s meant to be here with us because there’s just no other way that you guys decided to do an embryo transfer just a few days before the news broke.” What, there is a way. His name is Tristán, not being pathological and lying to the face of his baby’s mother.

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Kyndall: LMAO. I yelled. I’m so sorry. What? Historically, these women have had a hard time articulating how horrible Tristan is because they all have this “we need to protect daddy” mentality, as if all of his horrible behavior isn’t well documented.

I’m also sick of seeing Khloé get the most insipid and useless advice from her family and not a fucking therapist! Maybe she has seen one at some point. But I feel like we would have at least heard about it. You have access to the best medical care in the country! Stop seeking advice from your 20-year-old sister who talks in Instagram captions!

Coleman: This is the most “everything happens for a reason” family to ever walk the planet, and they’ve always been disconcertingly averse to therapy, which doesn’t make a lick of sense. And speaking of Kylie, did you notice that in the first ten minutes of her we already saw more of her than in the entire first season? Looks like the tragedy of Astroworld is far enough in your rear view mirror. In fact, so far, Khloé feels qualified to seek her advice on a matter involving significant others.

Kyndall: My God, yes. His presence is so awkward, as well as being an awkward human being with few signs of life. I doubt they delve into the Astroworld stuff. And I don’t know if I want them to.

Coleman: Which I guess is “okay,” because instead, we get to see Kylie and Kris greet each other at one of their famous family gatherings by rubbing noses and gazing into each other’s eyes. Kris was Really doing the job this episode, living out his best soap opera fantasy. She remains one of our leading actresses, able to take any place she needs for the scene.

Kyndall: She squeezed so many tears in this ep! Good for her. But it’s interesting because I also feel like Kris and the sisters have enabled a lot of Khloe’s current situation, not Tristan’s actions per se. He is a grown man in charge of his own decisions. But he goes back to what I said about pampering the men in their lives as long as they get children. We’ve never seen any of them try to talk Khloé out of this mindset that she needs to stay with him for True.

Coleman: Kim came remotely close in last season’s finale when she said, “If this isn’t the biggest sign to not have another child with him…” but by then it was years too late. The dynasty needs new blood. And Kris Jenner will do whatever it takes to get it out of her. In a way, we have to respect that! Is she teaching healthy lessons to her adult daughters that will benefit them after she is gone? No. Will she continue to collect 10 percent from them and whatever business opportunities her grandkids get? Well, that’s just business.

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Kyndall: What do we make of Kim telling Khloé to let Tristan into the delivery room?

Coleman: That time jump was jarring in the first place and I’m still not sure why it was implemented. We go from Khloé’s baby shower in late winter/early spring to July delivery, I guess just to complete the bottle episode and move on to other things for the rest of the season.

But I thought Tristan’s presence in the delivery room was complicated. I can see why she would want it there and why not, but it certainly doesn’t help that Khloe’s decisions are so heavily influenced by her family, as we keep saying. Let her create her own healthy boundaries! Or do you disagree?

Kyndall: I had mixed feelings. I’m serious it is Your child. And if he’s going to be in the child’s life, he might as well be at the birth. I thought it was funny when Kim said something like “you want to be able to tell your son he was there” as if the kid gave a shit knowing all the horrible shit he’s done. But I understand it. Did anything else happen in this episode that you didn’t find completely heartbreaking?

Coleman: Only a few, unfortunately. I liked seeing Kris’s fridge full of Dom Perignon, it was nice to see that his exuberant tendencies hadn’t fallen by the wayside. He even had the special edition of Gaga! I also liked Khloe’s makeup at her baby shower, because it looked like someone put blush and mascara on a McDonald’s hamburger bun. Just like a goop on a smooth, monochromatic bread surface. She looked great for all her endless suffering!

I will also say please stop making me watch babies being born. It’s jarring enough to watch a nurse pull a baby out of someone’s umbilical cord like they’re unwinding a yo-yo for the first time. And it’s even more unnerving to see them being pulled from the womb of a faceless stranger. I could have done it without him! And you, Kyndall? Any crumb you can take from this tragedy?

Kyndall: We have a lot of good content from Kris. She has been slowly transforming into Liza Minnelli in her mid-60s. And her red boxy blazer and her sparse bangs in her condo scene were definitely giving that! I also love a shopping scene with Kris because she has to pick up each item and display it like she’s on QVC. I also want to point out her last big crying scene, where she says in a confessional that she just “wants Khloé, long pause, to find her dream.” By “dream,” did she mean… a man?

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Coleman: She absolutely did, and that was hard! I was ready to cast an Emmy in gold myself, because she briefly moved me until she said that. But she’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, maybe she was referring to her “dream life” of hers, with or without a man. But… not likely.

This was, unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), a very rare Kourtney episode. Not that I was trying to watch her and Travis spit on each other in the name of increasing fertility, but it would have been nice to check in. But her Italian wedding is airing this season, so there’s a lot of shenanigans. to come after this dour opener.

sibling superlatives

Best Fake Normal Person Moment: This week’s award goes to Kris Jenner pretending to take out her own trash. First, she tells Khloé that she throws him off the balcony and picks him up on the sidewalk, which makes me think she’s given at least 20 concussions to bystanders. He then pretends to get it out the right way, but instead he hands it over to a producer outside his door. A job +!

Most Quotes from Galaxy Brain: This week there was a mix-up between Kylie’s bad advice to Khloé and Kourtney’s only confessional. Reflecting on his sister’s baby, Kourt says, “We were raised with a lot of faith. And I think that, like, knowing that… is this God’s plan? Like, babies in the Bible are always considered such a blessing.” like, yeah! They’re in real life too. Thanks, Kourt!

The strangest costume selection: We saw Khloé rocking a cerulean shirred minidress and Malika showing up in a polo shirt with holes all over it, but nothing was more wet and wild than Kim’s confessional wetsuit look. A charming nod to Rose Byrne in To spy of our favorite cinephile.

Most anticipated moment in the season preview: Sad to say, it seems like Pete Davidson is being downplayed. So, with no evidence of that relationship, we expect to see the cataclysmic consequences of Kim’s “Get Your Fucking Ass Up and Work.” Variety interview, which the cameras captured live from a jarring new angle.

The strongest sister of the week: Kim definitely turned out to be the person who had the most emotional support and empathy for Khloé’s situation, perhaps because she is dealing with the dissolution of her own family. I found her tearful speech at Khloé’s baby shower a little awkward, but it came from a good place!

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