Southwest Airlines Guitar Center Gives Passengers on Hawaii Flight Free Ukuleles

Southwest Airlines Guitar Center Gives Passengers on Hawaii Flight Free Ukuleles

It’s not every day you board a flight that you find a ukulele in your seat and someone ready to give you lessons in the air.

But that’s exactly what happened to those aboard Southwest Airlines, and the strange surprise went viral after the airline shared it in a tweet on Wednesday.

The airline uploaded a photo of a plane full of smiling passengers heading from Long Beach, California, to Hawaii, holding the free ukulele they found resting on their seat along with a floral case.

The airline claimed it was possible to learn the game in just 20 minutes, adding: “We partnered with @guitarcenter to surprise a flight full of customers leaving Long Beach with a ukulele and a lesson. When they got to Honolulu they were professionals.”

The post has received more than 9,800 likes and has attracted hundreds of comments from people who had very mixed reactions to the gesture.

Some praised the airline for the act, while others described it as a “nightmare”.

“Oh, I KNEW there was a reason I fly Southwest when I can. I have become a devoted fan of you above all other airlines,” one devoted passenger wrote.

“It’s not fair. I’ve been on this same flight from LGB to HNL half a dozen times and all I’ve ever had was being forced to sit apart from my wife and baby,” another passenger added.

However, as the applause comments for the airline continued, they were intercepted with negative reactions.

“That sounds like a really horrible surprise. I am autistic and sensitive to sound. Being stuck on a plane full of people trying to play the ukulele for the first time would be an absolute nightmare for me,” one person responded.

Another upset user wrote: “What if you didn’t want to hear a cacophony of ukuleles? What if you just wanted to sit quietly for the entire flight and watch TV or read, like on a regular flight?

“I literally can’t think of anything worse oh my gosh,” added a third person.

However, many defended the airline and advised those who had problems to use noise-canceling headphones.

“You know about headphones, right?” one person wrote in a sarcastic tone.

“Please make sure all the crybabies here are never on a plane with me,” another woman added. “I miss the old comedy flights you used to have. Live music has suffered greatly since the pandemic. Maybe it was a lesson in what it takes to be a professional musician. We used to play at Seaflight. Good times.”

But there were plenty who still didn’t have it, with one person writing: “No, I think most people don’t want to be on a goddamn plane with 200 people struggling to play a ukulele.”

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