Salaries and allowances of STIN graduates up to the tens or even hundreds of millions?

Salaries and allowances of STIN graduates up to the tens or even hundreds of millions?

STIN Graduate Salary – Entering a formal school can be a dream for some people. Because he knows for himself that when he enters the service school, he has promising career prospects.

In addition, there are currently many official schools in Indonesia, such as STIN, STMKG, STTD, STPN, STIS and others. Well, if you can get in or get through, then this is an opportunity to fight for.

Instead, they will discuss the salaries or wages of people who have graduated from formal schools. Where it is discussed is the salary of STIN (State Intelligence College) graduates. Of course, there are also those who are curious to ask about the salary of this official school graduate.

What is your monthly salary with your last STIN diploma? If you’re curious, here’s a full explanation, so read on and follow the discussion to the end.

STIN Profile (State Intelligence College)

STIN is an official university under the auspices of the State Intelligence Agency. The campus is located in Bogor, Sentul, part of West Java.

The establishment of STIN aims to prepare cadets to become members of the intelligence community who have academic skills or experience in science, apply and develop intelligence, technology, art in the field of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia or intelligence for the unit.


The idea of ​​establishing this school arose in 2002 at the initiative of the head of the state secret service, General TNI (AD) Dr. AM Hendropriyono, who initiated the establishment of STIN.

Furthermore, the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Megawati Soekarnoputri, inaugurated the establishment of STIN on July 9, 2003 and started her inaugural conference in 2004.


Become an international level that has excellence and authority to help realize national security.


  • The management of the institution is in accordance with the principles of good university management and is guided by the principles of good and clean university management.
  • Develop to create innovations, creative ideas and innovate in the development of intelligence science, skills and technology that are focused on by major intelligence agencies.
  • Manage partnerships, collaborations and alliances in accordance with the developments and challenges of the world of intelligence at the regional, national and global levels to lead to the development of intelligence science and technology.
  • Prepare and train intelligence personnel who have a good attitude and orientation towards the main institutions to play an active role in the realization of national interests and security.
    -Manage and develop superior and international intelligence education in academic and non-academic fields, as well as guided by honesty, excellence and academic authority that defends human values, democracy, human rights and the rule of law .
  • Realization of superstructure and infrastructure to support the training and development of intelligence technology, science and competition international standard and above.

STIN Graduate Salary

With the career prospects of previous STIN graduates, this can affect your monthly salary later on. The salaries of BIN, ASN and others are, of course, different. This is similar to the STAN GRAD SALARY, where each position is different.

Even if ASN, the salary depends on the class of officials and hours of work. Because between GROUP PNS 2A and 3A it will be different. The longer you work, the higher your salary.


You can earn the same or higher salary while working at BIN. As you know, people who work as BIN members carry a high level of responsibility and risk.

However, what is clear is that STIN graduates after receiving STIN education and working as described above can earn a basic salary of around Rp. 1,300,000 to Rp. 5,000,000 and not included in other provisions.

This is a tremendous income, isn’t it? It is not bad if there are many who are interested in applying for this job because it has many advantages.

Employment Benefits of STIN Graduates

What benefits will you get? If you are a member as mentioned above. The benefits are also different, namely that civil servants receive relatively high allowances.

For example, the performance bonus for STIN graduates with such prospects could be Rp. 1,960.00 – Rp. 26,320,000 depending on year of service and class. Aside from that, you also get the following benefits:

  • Husband/wife allowance (5%/base salary).
  • Food cost.
  • Business trip assignment.
  • Position assignment.
  • Child allowance (2%/base salary).

Therefore, it can be said that when combined, these benefits can increase the salary of STIN graduates and even earn up to tens of millions. Not surprisingly, many people compete to enter this formal school, perhaps because of its promising prospects.

What are the job prospects/graduates from STIN?

Before discussing your pay or salary, it’s a good idea to find out about your career prospects or graduating from STIN once you’ve finished the job. Because it will affect the size of the salary at the end of the month.

After graduating from STIN as part of a successful graduate program, there are several options. There are 2 programs of study at STIN, namely the Intelligence Analysis program and the Agent Intelligence program. Yes, the general career prospects of STIN graduates are:

  • Appointment of Civil State Apparatus (ASN).
  • Placed in the State Intelligence Agency (BIN).
  • Become a military intelligence, police intelligence, intelligence analyst, investigator, detective, etc.

STIN Goals and Strategies

Below are some of the best STNI goals and strategies, the following is an explanation:

  • Realization of a curriculum based on real competences.
  • Increase the number and quality of academic institutions and the infrastructure and support in the area around the STIN campus.
  • Achieve internationally competitive graduates who meet the needs of society.
  • Carry out the development of intelligence study programs and intelligence analysis at the level of education or in the development of intelligence and intelligence studies and competencies.
  • Achieve the involvement of the STIN academic community in various activities within the high school environment, as well as at the local, international and national level.
  • Create a study information system based on data and information technology in the form of Ethernet, LAN and Internet so that students can re-register or monitor KRS and view grades online.
  • The realization of a synergistic, efficient and productive institutional management through work and professional management.
  • Build a network of institutional cooperation with various actors, public and private institutions at the local and international level.
  • Realize the assessment of educators, educators and students on the basis of achievement according to their roles and functions.
  • Through the active, comprehensive and open participation of the scientific community and by strengthening the active role of the basic units, to consistently implement transparent leadership and also to promote cooperation.
  • Realize the professionalism of the academic community and the competence according to the roles and tasks in the field in which they are involved.
  • The provision of services for students in the form of administrative services and the availability of services using technological devices to access information online from various sources.

STIN Study Program (State Intelligence College)

STIN to constantly prepare select and talented Indonesian youth and women to become reliable, competent, professional and trustworthy intelligence personnel.

To protect the training of intelligence personnel, STIN has a number of academic and multidisciplinary institutions designed to prepare prospective STIN alumni for their next role on the national and international stage as government intelligence personnel.

To be able to display information accurately, quickly and accurately to defend and maintain the sovereignty and integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. The study programs available at STIN are:

Stratum 1 (S1)

  • Intelligence Agency Department
  • Cyber ​​Intelligence Department
  • Department of Intelligence Technology
  • Department – ​​Intelligence

Postgraduate (S2)

  • Master in Applied Medical Intelligence
  • Master in Applied Medical Intelligence
  • Biological risk
  • Master in Applied Technology and Cybernetics
  • Chemical and nuclear risk
  • Master in Intelligence Studies
  • Master of Applied Intelligence –

Doctoral Program (S3)

Intelligence strategy analysis or you can monitor anyone who owns a cell phone or environment remotely, and you can track anyone because of JPS hacking, all phones have IP address, we can track camera, news gallery, recording, etc.

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That is the review that we have transmitted in a complete and clear way, that is, regarding the STIN Graduate Salary. Hopefully this review can be helpful and useful for you.

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