Rebuilt family pharmacy after devastating fire

Rebuilt family pharmacy after devastating fire

HOLLADAY, Utah — You don’t see so many neighborhood family pharmacies anymore, especially a new one.

However, Heather Karren couldn’t think of life without a particular pharmacy in Holladay.

“It’s a unique place,” he said. “Everyone knows everything about everyone.”

His father, Glade Baldwin, has spent 30 years building Hyland Pharmacy into what it is.

It only took one fire one night last summer in Millcreek to bring it all down.

“It was just devastating. Everything my dad had built was cinder,” Karren said.

Almost immediately, Baldwin knew he was going to rebuild.

He felt that the community deserved the kind of personalized service that he had done with them.

“It was very important to him. He loved all of his clients. They knew him, inside and out, he would spend many hours talking to them,” Karren said.

That’s where this new pharmacy comes from.

Baldwin rebuilt the Hyland Pharmacy in Holladay.

He was so close to seeing the grand opening until he suffered a fatal heart attack last June.

“It has been a long year of ups and downs. I’m sad my dad isn’t here to celebrate,” Karren said.

Which brings us to Thursday, the Hyland Pharmacy Grand Opening celebration.

Karren and her longtime assistant decided to continue.

“I’ve been here a long time and I’m still here because of the relationships,” said Lisa Burrup, who is the lead pharmacist. “That’s what it’s all about for me.”

They think that not even a fire could destroy what is really a family pharmacy.

“They are our family,” Karren said. “My dad loved these people as much as he loved his daughters.”

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