Poor performance by Team India. What does Ganguly say?

Poor performance by Team India. What does Ganguly say?
It is known that the India team, which has had back-to-back wins so far, has been disappointing all the India team fans in recent times with severe defeats. It must be said that Rohit Sharma, who was recognized as a winning captain till now, is now facing severe criticism for not giving proper wins to the India team. Everyone thought that the Asian Cup would be won under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma.

With the success of two games in a row, everyone’s expectations have increased. But the India team, who lost their hands in the crucial matches afterwards, are known to have gone home without reaching the final. After the Kashi Asia Cup, the Indian team will play a T20 series against Australia, which is currently on tour in India. Although it is thought that Team India will be supported on their own soil In the first match, Australia suffered a heavy defeat. In this order, everyone criticizes Rohit’s captaincy and the performance of the India team players.

Recently BCCI President Sourav Ganguly made interesting comments in response to criticism of the India team. Sourav Ganguly said that he is not worried about the performance of Team India in the T20 format. The Indian team has been playing well for the past few years. He said he doesn’t care if he loses in just two or three games. Sourav Ganguly recalled that Rohit Sharma’s winning percentage as captain is 80 percent. If he was captain for 35 matches, the India team lost only in five or six matches.

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