One Piece 1061 Spoiler Introducing Vegapunk: Is Vegapunk a Girl?

One Piece 1061 Spoiler Introducing Vegapunk: Is Vegapunk a Girl?

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September 22, 2022

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The general consensus so far is that the post-Wano chapter is awesome and on that note, the latest One Piece 1061 spoiler has confirmed that Oda sensei is once again delivering a killer chapter.

We are very excited to bring you the latest One Piece spoilers, which just dropped a few hours ago.

This is officially the funniest name for a bow. Yes, the arc is currently called Egghead because all the arcs are named after the island the crew landed on: Alabasta, Zou, Dressrosa, Wano, etc. The island is currently called Egghead, which is cute.

One of the biggest mysteries in the series is the identity of the legendary scientist Vegapunk. He has changed the world for the better in many ways. His inventions and creations are truly unmatched.

Not even someone as brilliant as Caesar or the judge could match his brilliance.

We also have to inform you that next week is a break, but this is only natural as we have been receiving continuous chapters for the last 3 weeks. As usual, sensei took his scheduled break. Anyway let us get One Piece chapter 1061 spoilers.

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All the spoilers shared below have been confirmed and will be updated throughout the week to bring the latest One Piece verse news.

One Piece Spoiler 1061

The title of the next chapter is “Egghead, Island of the future” and therefore the new arc will be called the Egghead arc.

The cover has not been leaked yet, so this is an incomplete One Piece 1061 manga spoiler article. We will continue to update this article every day.

We see the Strawhats, along with Bonney, sail to Egghead, the island of the future! This island belongs to Vegapunk!

Near this island, there is clearly a naval base. Tashigi and the guys from Punk Hazard live here. Also, various members of SWORD were also here.

We saw that Helmeppo was here too. He wanted to borrow the Seraphim from Vegapunk so he could go and save Koby from the Blackbeard Pirates.

Straw hats aside, once again. This time it was Luffy, Bonney, Chopper and Jinbe.

As One Piece chapter 1061 spoilers ended, a girl came up and claimed she was Vegapunk!

One Piece Spoiler 1061

One Piece Chapter 1061 Initial Thoughts:

What we have here is only an outline of this chapter. This is a basic schematic and more details will be here shortly. With that being said, One Piece 1061 spoiler is currently causing a lot of thoughts in us.

We know that during the time skip, Franky was sent to Karakuri Island, the birthplace of Vegapunk. It is also a winter island. It seems that Vegapunk really likes cold weather.

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Then we met Vegapunk! But pay attention to prayer. A girl comes and claims to be this person. Is she telling the truth? What if Vegapunk was a surname? This girl could be the daughter or even the granddaughter of a scientist.

Most of us imagine Vegapunk as Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty) or Heimerdinger (league of legends) or some similar man. But the man was apparently a girl! Did Bonney come along and take the age out of Vegapunk? Or maybe Vegapunk is now a cyborg. However we look at it, his performances in this episode are very interesting and fans are going crazy over the cooking theory.

We see that Tashigi is present, which probably means Smoker is nearby as well. There’s a strong chance that he’ll suddenly, awkwardly, run into one of the Straw Hats and things will get tense.

That being said, we would be very happy to see Punk Hazard’s children being able to be cured by Vegapunk. And they will definitely love to see Strawhats. On the other hand, if Vegapunk used it to create Seraphim, he would put it in a completely different light.

This will likely be the arc where the Strawhats have their first encounter with the Seraphim. Luffy will probably find out that Koby has been held hostage and such.

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