Nickelback shot a music video in BC and appeared the second highest paid TikToker in Canada (VIDEO)

Nickelback shot a music video in BC and appeared the second highest paid TikToker in Canada (VIDEO)

Iconic Canadian rock band, Nickelback, was recently in BC to shoot a music video and Canada’s second highest paid TikToker, Kris Collins, joined in on the fun.

The BC TikTok star did a lot of shenanigans with the band, which included filming a fun collaboration, and the blooper vibe is pretty epic.

Nickelback was in Burnaby on August 30 and posted an open casting call for friends and fans to appear in a music video to be shot at 3pm from the Simon Fraser University Convocation Center.

Tons of fans showed up to the event and had a blast, all while hoping to be a part of the band’s new music video.

The ever so popular Canadian TikToker posted a photo with the band at the same spot on Burnaby Mountain.

“These guys are seriously the coolest, nicest people to hang out with. Can’t wait for them to hear their new single on September 7th,” Collins wrote in an Instagram post.

The TikToker also shared a video on September 2 of a behind-the-scenes session with Nickelback singer and lead guitarist Chad Kroeger.

“I love how involved Chad and the boys were in filming TT with me,” he wrote in the caption.

The bloopers of the duo creating these videos together are just too good.

Additionally, Kroeger offered Collin backstage passes to his upcoming tour, as long as he doesn’t “bring out Chad the Chad,” according to his TikTok post.


#greenscreenvideo @nickelback Chad has accepted the Chad Off 🔥

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It seemed like the band appreciated their time with Collins because they sent her some flowers which she posted on her Instagram story on September 2.

Kris Collins Instagram Story.Kris Collins Instagram Story.@kriscollins | Instagram

Collins is the second highest-paid TikToker in all of Canada and has already earned a whopping $4.75 million, according to a Forbes story that ran earlier this year.

He has now grown his TikTok following to over 46.3 million people and continues to create fun content for his viewers, including some features with the iconic Canadian band.

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