MultiVersus releases its biggest patch yet, including Gizmo, Hitbox rework, and massive power drain

MultiVersus releases its biggest patch yet, including Gizmo, Hitbox rework, and massive power drain

MultiVersus’ The biggest patch is here, though it has nothing to do with character balance, as Player First Games focused on fixing the hitbox, hurtbox, and ballistic systems, as well as adding Gizmo as a playable fighter.

We knew this type of update was coming, and game director Tony Huynh openly stated that it has been a priority for the team in the past. And with pictures and descriptions showing how much has changed, it looks like it’s Multi Versus It could be a whole new game.

Hurtboxes have now been updated for each character and the score boxes for most attacks in the game have changed, even if they are not listed in the actual patch notes.

“Our goal with this update is to connect score boxes and pain boxes more closely with our character animations,” PFG said. “We will be looking at how this update affects the player experience and are ready to roll out additional patches should any issues arise. This will be a process for us to get there, but this is our first step in detecting a really accurate hitbox/hurtbox and giving us a foundation to permanently fix issues from now on.”

The game’s ballistics system has received a different type of update that aims to “standardize global ballistics behaviors” across the menu to ensure they all function with similar features.

With this part of the update, PFG simply wants to make sure that there are a set number of projectile types and behaviors that players will need to memorize instead of having to work through dozens of unique moves. Here’s a breakdown of how to deal with this:

  • Opposing standard shells always cause noise, destroying both shells.
  • Heavy Projectiles Introduced – Heavy projectiles crush enemy projectiles, can only collide with other heavy projectiles, and cannot be reversed.
  • Barriers and upgrades that “block projectiles” constantly block all projectiles.
  • Exploding projectiles no longer hit fighters who defended against the projectile.
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And while the characters aren’t the main focus in this patch, PFG has brought the action with some buffs and ingenuity. Or rather, they’ve turned down the heat as Superman’s Heatvision now has an ammo count that will limit the number of times he can spam.

Also, Bug Bunny is brought back down to earth because the developers believe he is still “very safe and unpunished” after the previous changes. Shaggy, Tom, Jerry, Velma, Iron Giant and Arya have also been hit hard.

Oh, and Velma now invites a version of the Mystery Machine to chase down enemies instead of a police car.

The big winners of this patch are Finn, Garnet, LeBron James, Taz, and Morty, all of whom have received mostly or entirely positive changes. For LeBron, Garnet, and Taz specifically, this was absolutely necessary as all three had issues that needed to be addressed to make them more usable.

There are also some nice map updates and Perk changes that will also be implemented once the server downtime is over at 12:00pm CT and the patch is pushed directly to the servers.

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