Michigan man pleads guilty to dismembering a man he met on a dating app and eating his testicles

Michigan man pleads guilty to dismembering a man he met on a dating app and eating his testicles

Mark David Latunski, the Shiawassee County man accused of killing and dismembering 25-year-old Kevin Bacon in December 2019, has pleaded guilty to the crime.

Latunski, 52, appeared before Judge Matthew J. Stewart of the 35th Circuit Court on Thursday, September 22, and pleaded guilty to charges of open manslaughter and mutilation of a body.

Latunski was originally charged with open murder and mutilation of a body in December 2019, days after Bacon’s mutilated body was discovered inside the basement of Latunski’s Bennington Township home.

Police found parts of Bacon’s body eaten

mark latunski
Mark Latunski and Kevin Bacon

On December 24, 2019, Bacon, a 25-year-old barber from Swartz Creek, headed out to meet a guy he met on Grindr, the dating and hookup app for predominantly gay, bisexual, and transgender men.

The next day, after missing Christmas breakfast with his family, his father called the police. For three days, friends, family and authorities searched for Bacon. After Bacon’s roommate told him that he was last seen before an encounter with a man he met on the dating app, police called Latunski’s residence.

Bacon was found dead with stab wounds, his body hanging by the ankles, his throat slit and parts of him devoured in the basement of Latunski’s home, according to police. His body was found on December 28, 2019.

After being read his rights, Latunski told police that he planned to use Bacon’s blood and bones to fertilize plants on his property; he hoped to use his muscle for jerky and discovered that Latunski had fried and eaten Bacon’s testicles.

Latunski plea agreement

mark latunski
Mark Latunski in court Thursday.

Latunski admitted Thursday to stabbing Bacon in the back while the two were at Bacon’s home. After Bacon died, Latunski said in court, he removed part of Bacon’s body and took them to the kitchen.

The guilty plea came against the recommendation of Latunski’s attorney, Mary Chartier, who had indicated that she was interested in using an insanity defense at trial.

“While this is not an outcome that (defense counsel) Mr. Krause and I believe is in the best interest of Mr. Latunski, we have to follow Mr. Latunski’s wishes,” Chartier said in court. “We have discussed this issue and he has consistently been very clear, more than once, multiple times, about his choice and his reasoning.”

She said during the hearing that while she respects his decision, she believed her client would have been better suited to a hospital setting.

An open murder charge encompasses first degree murder, second degree murder, and manslaughter. Shiawassee County Circuit Judge Matthew Stewart will determine which of those crimes were committed at a hearing Oct. 18-19, Chartier said. A sentencing hearing will be held at a later date, he said. If convicted, Latunski faces a possible life sentence.

Previous incidents involving Latunski

Bacon was not Latunski’s first victim, according to police. During the fall of 2019, officers responded to a call from a partially clothed man being ejected from Latunski’s home, state police said. The man said he had given his consent to be in the house and ran after getting scared, police said.

There was also a custodial kidnapping case in 2013 in which Latunski was initially found incompetent to stand trial. Latunski was later found competent to stand trial, but the charges were ultimately dismissed at the victim’s request.

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