Manchester father accused of killing his son takes a stand

Manchester father accused of killing his son takes a stand

MANCHESTER, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Manchester father accused of killing his 5-week-old baby took the stand on Day 4 of the murder trial. Gavin Clark faces murder in the death of his son Noah in 2020.

Gavin calmly walked jurors through his account of the incident in the morning hours of January 2020, saying he tripped over a toy and dropped the baby down the stairs.

“Everything happened in a snap of fingers. My son’s head was going for the base board,” she explained.

Gavin went on to say that he didn’t notice anything wrong with Noah and that’s why he didn’t take him to the hospital. It was several hours later that the Clarks took Noah to the emergency room.

Noah’s mother tearfully told News 2 on Thursday that she couldn’t even imagine Gavin doing something like that.

Earlier in the day, the medical examiner showed unimaginable footage of the deceased 7-pound, 5-week-old baby after investigators said his father beat him to death.

Dr. Erin Carney described not only Noah’s external injuries, bruises, and abrasions, but also internal bleeding in his brain, in his brain, and behind his eyes. She also showed pictures of the inside of the baby’s mouth, which she said also had bruises, injuries that several experts have testified do not match his father’s claims of an accident.

“The fact that he has fractures in multiple places doesn’t fit with a fall or being dropped from one arm to hit a wall, baseboard or stairway, and then roll down the stairs, because after that initial fall after that , it’s a bit short, just stumble down the stairs. So at that point, I determined that the accident was not a plausible explanation and that someone must have inflicted the injuries on the child and that it was a homicide, because he died at the hands of someone else,” said Dr. Carney of the Medical Examiner. office.

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Most of the afternoon was spent listening to Gavin’s family and friends, who vouched for his character as they all said he had a peaceful demeanor.

Gavin’s 6-year-old son, Aden, the only witness to the alleged fall, was brought into the courtroom as a witness, drawing tears from nearly every row and juror.

Aden was three years old when his little brother Noah died. However, the boy testified that he did not remember the incident and was eventually released.

Defense attorney Drew Justice then played a video interview of Aden that was recorded shortly after the incident occurred. In it, Aden claims that she saw his father trip over his toy and his little brother fall down the stairs.

Aden went on to say that his father never hurt him or his brother.

Gavin Clark’s adoptive mother also took the stand and described how her son was a good father.

On Friday morning, prosecutors will begin the day by questioning Gavin.

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