Liaison General Secretary Gerindra meets with Ustadz Abdul Somad and brings Prabowo’s message Who wants to return to Nyapres

Liaison General Secretary Gerindra meets with Ustadz Abdul Somad and brings Prabowo’s message Who wants to return to Nyapres

Come here if you want to read Manhwa Gerindra General Secretary meets Ustadz Abdul Somad, brings Prabowo’s message Who wants to re-press English Free Webtoon in Indonesian. See this article Read Manhwa Gerindra General Secretary meets with Ustadz Abdul Somad, brings message from Prabowo Who wants to run Free RAW again until the end. – Gerindra Party General Secretary Ahmad Muzani met with Ustaz Abdul Somad (UAS) at his residence in Kampar, Riau, on Thursday (9/8). Muzani was accompanied by the ranks of the DPP, DPD, DPC, members of the Provincial and the local DPRD Regency.

This meeting was preceded by the memory reading and the prayer led by the UAS. This is intended for the security of the nation and the state. This activity is part of a series of visits by the Gerindra Party to a number of Islamic ulama and boarding schools in East Java, Central Java and West Java some time ago.

According to Muzani, this meeting is an effort by the Gerindra Party to continue building good relations with community leaders such as Ustaz, Ulama, Kiai and Habaib. Because, Muzani said, ustaz, kiai, ulema and habaib are people who are symbols of the people, as the president of Gerindra, Prabowo Subianto, affirmed.

“Sir Ustaz, before we came here. We meet with Pak Prabowo. He conveyed his respectful greetings to Ustaz and the extended family of Ustaz. He apologized for not being able to meet directly with Ustaz due to his busy schedule at the moment,” Muzani said at the scene, delivered in a statement, on Thursday (9/8).

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“Pak Prabowo conveyed to us, God willing, in the near future he will have the opportunity to meet directly with the Ustaz, along with the Ulama, Kiai, Habaib and other community leaders,” Muzani added.

Facing the UAS, Muzani conveyed the message that Prabowo always conveyed to all Gerindra cadres. An ustaz, kiai, cleric, and habaib are symbols of people’s lives. Therefore, so that there are no mistakes in capturing the aspirations of the people, approach the ulema. Because they are a representation of the well-being conditions of the people in the region.

Muzani said that fighting as a council member and as a political party is not much different from fighting in the army.

“Pak Prabowo always reminds us as party administrators to make no mistake in capturing the hopes, passions and aspirations of the people. Pak Prabowo said, his position is no different from us in the army. In the army they handle troops with weapons. Military commanders receive orders so fatally wrong, they can become victims of war, there is no peace, the economy is paralyzed. But once the commander leads properly and correctly, peace will be created, the tranquility of the people will be created and the economy will grow”, explained the Vice President of the MPR.

“It is the same in political parties. There can be nothing wrong with making decisions by guessing the will of the people. So that we can fight for the aspirations of the people, said Pak Prabowo, approach the symbols of the people, the knots of the people, who? Yes, academics, kiai, ustaz habaib and community leaders. Because they are the people who become the meeting point for people. If you want to see the life of the people there, get close to them,” Muzani added.

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According to Muzani, running the Indonesian state requires a spirit of mutual cooperation. It is impossible for Indonesia, with its diversity of ethnicities, cultures, languages ​​and religions, to be managed by a single political force.

“It is impossible to manage a country as big as Indonesia, only managed by a party, a political force. Managing Indonesia with various ethnicities, cultures, religions and thousands of islands must be joint. All existing powers must be invited to become involved in the state process,” he said.

“Because this country has people, not a group or a power. Let’s run the Indonesian nation we love together,” concluded Muzani, who is also chairman of the Gerindra faction in DPR RI.

Also accompanying Muzani in the meeting with UAS were Gerindra Deputy Governor Gus Irfan Yusuf Hasyim, Gerindra Riau DPD Chairman Muhammad Rahul, OKK Chairman Prasetyo Hadi, East Java Gerindra DPD Chairman Anwar Sadad , and members of the Riau Provincial DPRD.

Prabowo has declared himself ready to run in the 2024 presidential election. This is the third time he will become a presidential candidate if it is really determined later.

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