Jenkins isn’t used to “giving up two sacks”

Jenkins isn’t used to “giving up two sacks”

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Aaron Rodgers called offensive lineman Elgton Jenkins’ performance against the Chicago Bears on Sunday night an “absolute success.”

Green Bay Packers right-hander Jenkins wasn’t as forgiving.

“It was a success being there with my teammates. But overall I wouldn’t call it a successful game for me,” Jenkins said Thursday. “I’m used to not allowing two sacks a game. I definitely wouldn’t call it a success, but it was good to be with my teammates and to be able to keep up.”

Jenkins allowed two sacks against Chicago’s Trevis Gipson in the first 20 minutes. In one, Rodgers crawled into the pocket and Gipson cleared the sack. On the other hand, Jenkins blamed “terrible” technology. Jenkins said he was rusty, which was understandable.

“I was on the sidelines three weeks ago doing drills with the coaches,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins has come a long way since he suffered a torn ACL in Minnesota on Nov. 21. While David Bakhtiari’s Odyssey may have changed his mind, recoveries from this injury have become so commonplace that they are taken for granted. However, he is not an easy comeback, a professional who goes from the top to the bottom from a sporting perspective.

“Lifting the leg and trying to lift the leg the first time after surgery is difficult,” Jenkins recalled. “It was hard to get him a few inches off the ground. Just trying to do a leg raise is hard.”

Before Jenkins could play again, he simply had to get out of bed to go to the bathroom. He had to start walking; then he could start walking. He needed to regain lost strength and mobility. There were also mental blocks that had to be overcome.

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Jenkins opened training camp on the physically unable list and trained for the first time on August 14. When he faced Chicago for the second start of his career at right tackle, he was three days short of 10 months after the injury. He was “exhausted” after the first series and “exhausted” after the game.

After the game, although not satisfied with his game, he basked in the triumphant glow of months of hard work. His mother and his sister were among those at Lambeau Field to share in his great moment.

“After the game I absorbed it,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to be out there and compete. It was good for me to be the long journey I was on.”

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The Packers wouldn’t have won the game without Jenkins, coach Matt LaFleur said. A Pro Bowler in 2020 who proved he could be a high-level tackle before the injury in 2021, Jenkins has what it takes to be an elite right tackle. The offensive line was vastly improved in his return, with Jenkins blocking one of the edges and Royce Newman able to get back to the right defense where he started 16 games as a rookie.

“He turns up the intensity of everyone around him,” offensive coordinator Adam Stenavich said of Jenkins. “You can see the extra juice we had. It was a bit rusty. I think he is getting a little better every week. He he knows. That is what he is working on. He has had a great week of training so far. It was great to have him back.”

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Sunday brings the next challenge: a road game in the heat and humidity of Tampa and against an NFL-ranked Buccaneers defense in sacks.

“The next game, I feel like I should play at a high level,” Jenkins said. “My goal is to play at a high level in every game. I’m going to go out and play and we’re going to do well.

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