Is it legit? 2 women taste it

Is it legit?  2 women taste it

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Whether you’re a Shark Tank lover or a TikTok user (or both), you may have heard of TA3, a swimwear company that sculpts No he got a deal with one of the show’s investors, but it still blew up.

With 32.2 million cumulative views on the TikTok hashtags #TA3 and #TA3Swim combined, it’s safe to say her swimwear designs have generated quite a buzz, and for good reason. The most prominent feature of the TA3 suits is that they have a criss-cross corset in the back that instantly grabs the waist with a pull of the strings.

Videos on social media make it seem almost too good to be true, showing shocked reactions to the shaping effect. So, we had two people from our team try out the suits and see if the high price of $178 per swimsuit was really worth it. Spoiler alert: It may be the swim wardrobe staple of your dreams.

Before we get into that, though, we’ll just say this: All bodies are perfect just the way they are, and no one needs to change their body shape or look “snatched” to be beautiful.

How TA3 swimsuits work

Side-by-side collage: Back of black TA3 swimsuit on a marble background // A person wearing a blue TA3 swimsuit showing the back of a lace-up corset.

The lace-up corset allows for a custom fit, so you can still wear the suit comfortably even if you don’t want the compression.

Olivia Rose Ferreiro/Sally Kaplan/Insider

If you haven’t already seen some of the endless TikTok reviews on your FYP, here’s what you need to know about TA3’s viral pieces.

The fabric of the garment is described as a lightweight compression sportswear material, not unlike a high-support sports bra. The front and back waist area is lined with a power mesh, and the high-quality fabric is designed to be supportive, smooth, and never see-through when wet.

The corset design starts around the middle of the back, near where the waist is usually smallest, and ties around the shoulder blades. With adjustable straps, removable bust pads, and some wiggle room with corseted strings, the suit’s size is quite accommodating and can be altered to suit your preferences for the day.

Olivia’s opinion on the TA3 Lacey swimsuit, size medium short

Side by side collage: a person wearing a black TA3 swimsuit with an embroidered white wrap // A person wearing a black TA3 swimsuit adjusting the fit by pulling the corset strings in opposite directions.

Before and after tightening the corset.

Olivia Rose Ferreiro/Insider

As someone who loves a more minimalistic “always on” swimsuit, I opted for the scoop neck Lacey style in a classic black hue. Thick to the touch and comfortably compressive, I immediately appreciated the ease with which this suit can be customized, with adjustable shoulder straps (which I quickly loosened for a more comfortable fit) and of course the corseted back which gives you plenty of leeway. of maneuver when it comes to sizes.

I’m a medium in most clothing, and this piece was very true to size, and by opting for the shorter torso length, I found that it fit my 5’0 frame wonderfully. Even without tightening the corset laces, I noticed a girdle-like smoothing of the belly that made me feel confident, accentuating an hourglass shape.

Personally, I prefer more coverage, so I found the bottom half of the suit to be a bit tight and uncomfortable, and it came quite low on the hips. However, if you prefer more cheeky coverage with a sexy twist, this may be the swimsuit for you. I also find the bust pads to be finicky, creating unwanted lines and seams, so I appreciated that the ones this suit came from were easily removable.

Sally’s Review of the TA3 Plungey Swimsuit, Plus Size

Side-by-side collage: a person wearing a blue TA3 swimsuit with a plunging neckline // A person wearing a blue TA3 swimsuit showing a more compressive fit.

Before (left) and after (right).

Sally Kaplan/Insider

I opted for the regular plunging neckline version of the suit in sapphire blue (there’s a high cut version here too). I have a DDD cup size, so I wanted to see specifically if the low cut suit could handle larger cup sizes. I was honestly surprised at how safe I felt while swimming and snorkeling while on vacation in Mexico! The suit kept everything in place and I felt very safe doing a lot of activities in it.

I also love the way the lace emphasizes my curves without making me feel too constricted. I could tighten it for a tighter feel and a more pronounced hourglass shape, but I could still loosen it up a bit when I wanted something looser. And, I really appreciate that the straps are adjustable and that I could go for a short torso cut because I’m only 5’1.

In terms of longevity, the swimsuit has held up well for me even after washing it five or six times. I have not yet experienced any discoloration or stretching. Given how sturdy the build is, I suspect it will last me a long time, which makes the $178 price tag more justifiable.

Size Options and Considerations

Hand holding bottom of TA3 swimsuit against marble background.

This is the regular cut of the Lacey swimsuit.

Olivia Rose Ferreiro/Insider

When shopping for your perfect size, keep in mind that you can choose between the regular/long or short torso fit, which is available for all three current styles. And from XS to 4X, they have an impressive size range that feels inclusive and intentional. We found that the suits fit true to size, but the as-up system offers a lot of wiggle room in terms of sizing.

Different neckline styles can also be paired with different cuts at the hips, but not all styles have a high-cut version. Personally, I would love to see all of their styles available in low and high cut legs as I would prefer the Lacey style with a edgier high cut as it makes my legs look so much longer.

The bottom line

Three people in white TA3 swimsuits in front of the vegetation.


It’s no secret that this suit is expensive, but given the quality, it’s totally an investment piece that will be a staple in your wardrobe for many summer vacations or beach getaways to come.

Aside from the comfort and customizable fit, many appreciate a piece that works well with an outfit between sunbathing and swimming (for example, walking through a seaside town or on the spot for lunch at a resort), and this piece acts as the ideal companion item. for denim shorts, a skirt, or even loose beach pants.

If you want to feel polished, flushed, and totally confident when playing in the water, this suit may be your next best buy.

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