How to survive in a crypto winter and bear market?

How to survive in a crypto winter and bear market?

There is no doubt now, crypto winter is here! Bitcoin is falling to lows that even the experts at Elcryptodoc thought was not possible until the end. The big projects are sinking and the maximum fear is in everyone’s eyes. Elcryptodoc made a guide on how you can survive a crypto winter and a bear market.

This bear market is a blessing in disguise. They give those who stay behind the opportunity to accumulate at prices that people dream of in a bull market.

Elcryptodoc’s number one tip is that you will need income and some disposable income so that you can start accumulating at low and minimum prices. If your job doesn’t provide enough income, go ahead and create a side hustle that can supplement your income and give you that boost in investment.

change day

One option for a side hustle is day trading in the bear market. Where in a bear market a currency does not pump 100x, it is a perfect time to start day trading as there will be plenty of up and down movement in currencies on a daily basis.

yield farming

Another option is to become your everyday farmer! No, not farming in the literal sense like growing crops, but yield farming as there is still a return to be made on crypto assets, even in the bear market. There are plenty of responsible, decentralized organizations that continue to provide pretty decent returns in the stables.

Play 2 Win the Metaverse game

The last option that Elcryptodoc has to win in this bear market is to simply play. One such game is Moonsama Minecraft Carnage, where you search the world of Minecraft for resources, and those resources can be converted into crypto, also known as Moonriver, which has real value. These events are only 2 hours long and take place every Sunday… and if you’re good at it, you can win between $2,000 and $2,800 every week for 2 hours of play.

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Now, to play Carnage, you must have a Moonsama NFT which has a minimum price of 2100 Moonriver, which is currently over $30,000. But, there is also another way to play, with VIP tickets, which at the time of this writing costs 70 Moonriver, which is like around $1,000. You can get it back in just a session or two of Carnage if you’re good. So the investment for Elcryptodoc is worth it if you are ready to play, learn and earn.

Elcryptodoc adds that there is another BIG play to win the game that will be released during this bear market and it is Illuvium… which will be the first AAA, play 2 win the game to enter the scene. Illuvium will be the first blockchain-based game to use Unreal Engine 5. The game is currently in Private Beta, but the Public BETA is scheduled to launch in the next 2 months. Which means that anyone in the audience will be able to get their hands on the game.

So how can you win with Illivium?

Well, you will be able to explore the open overworld of Illivium, capturing and collecting Illuvials, the beasts that inhabit this world. This can be incredibly lucrative, especially if a player manages to capture something rare and powerful that can be sold on Marketplaces, such as Gamestop. You can also mine and harvest in the world, collecting resources to create in-game items like armor and weapons, which are also NFTs and can be sold in markets.

One of the best things will be its battlefield, where players will choose to fight each other to prove who is the best hunter and has the best team of Illuviuls, where Ethereum bets can be placed on matches… even by spectators! !

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How much can be earned remains to be seen… but the experts at Elcryptodoc believe that it will be on a level not yet seen in the crypto space!

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