How did Myles Sanderson die? Second Canadian stabbing suspect dies after being arrested ► NewsColt

How did Myles Sanderson die?  Second Canadian stabbing suspect dies after being arrested ► NewsColt

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How did Myles Sanderson die? The second suspect in the Canada stabbing died after being arrested: – On Wednesday, September 7, 2022, Canadian police arrested Myles Sanderson, a mass shooter. He was accused of killing more than 10 people in a mass shooting. Myles Sanderson was not only accused of killing just 10 people, but Myles Sanderson has committed so many murders, directly or indirectly.

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According to the police statement, they found out after their investigation that 10 people were killed and the other 18 were injured. Royal Canadian Mounted Police Deputy Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore revealed at a press conference on the night of September 7 that a knife had been discovered inside the truck. Myles Sanderson was arrested when his truck fell off the side of the road. Police later rescued him and arrested Myles Sanderson. Police have said Myles Sanderson died just after he was arrested.

Police have also announced the names of the victims who were harmed by Myles Sanderson listed below:

  1. Thomas Burns, 23 years old.
  2. Carol Burns, 46 years old.
  3. Gregory Burns, 28 years old.
  4. Lydia Gloria Burns, 61 years old.
  5. Bonnie Burns, 48 ​​years old.
  6. Earl Burns, 66 years old.
  7. Lana Head, 49 years old.
  8. Christian Head, 54 years old.
  9. Robert Sanderson, 49 years old.
  10. Wesley Petterson, 78 years old.
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Myles Sanderson’s mother has said she wants to apologize on behalf of her two sons. She has also said that she and Myles Sanderson’s father are not aware of the whole story, but want to apologize to everyone who was ever harmed and affected by his son Myles Sanderson’s move, and also his other son. . Later, Myles Sanderson’s father also sincerely apologized for his son’s mistakes to the affected families.

When the police went to arrest Myles Sanderson, his father and mother surrounded them, repeatedly telling Myles Sanderson to surrender to the police. It was unfortunate that Myles Sanderson did not give in to the police.

Myles Sanderson was found to be responsible for killing a lot of people. The police had been looking for Myles Sanderson for a long time, but they never caught him. Ultimately, Myles Sanderson was not only found out, but he, too, was killed when the incident occurred. Damien Sanderson, the younger brother of Myles Sanderson was also a suspect at the scene of the attack, but he too was found dead on September 4, 2022.

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