High-Rise Devastation – Chicago Reader

High-Rise Devastation – Chicago Reader

On the roof of a skyscraper, one of many in the forest of silhouettes that make up the skyline of our city, a professor (Dan Hanrahan) and an automotive engineer (Juanjo López) were locked up for six days, surviving with drops of water from the bottom of a garbage can and breadcrumbs that mysteriously appear in the night. A red moon has wreaked untold havoc and the mayor has warned everyone not to expose themselves to its light, which of course is impossible on the exposed roof. No one can hear the engineer’s frantic banging on the stairwell door. No one seems to be in town until a maid (Claudia Urbano) and (even later) a window cleaner (Ever Monroe) appear midway into the scene.

the crumbs
Through 2/10: Fri-Sat 8 pm, Sun 6 pm, Chess Live Theatre, 3622 S. Morgan, clata.org, $25

all the drama of the crumbs, co-written and co-directed by Raúl Dorantes and Emily Masó for Colectivo El Pozo and presented as part of Chicago Latino Theater Alliance’s Destinos Chicago International Theater Festival, depends on the opening of the closed door. The characters trapped on stage do not develop a relationship; remembered their empty conversations and the futility of their actions Waiting for Godot. But this has less to do with spirit than with circumstance (“In my country, everyone’s an engineer or a lawyer, but here we wash windows,” says the window cleaner): the pinching and paralysis, the stale crackle of crumbs as they rise to the surface. , discusses the lives and livelihoods of immigrants at the mercy of the whims and scant generosity of others.

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Visceral irritability is prominent throughout: they urinate and defecate, the engineer incessantly scratches his sides and scrotum, the professor chokes from dizziness. The appearance of the secondary characters initially promises a change in dynamic, or at least a distraction, but ultimately disappoints when no change is really felt. There are simply more people, hope remains constant. When it comes time to be fired, there is no reason, probably no relief either.


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