Hendersonville Police Arrest Suspected ‘Felony Lane Gang’ Members After They Break Up 5 Cars

Hendersonville Police Arrest Suspected ‘Felony Lane Gang’ Members After They Break Up 5 Cars

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Three members of the infamous “Felony Lane Gang” are behind bars thanks to the quick work of Hendersonville police, who worked 24 hours straight to catch the would-be bad guys.

Police say this choreographed crime spree had all the common ingredients associated with the Felony Lane Gang, a crime syndicate, usually out of Florida, that travels the southeastern US stealing cars from parking lots.

In this case, the carjackings occurred at a Hendersonville gym.

Video from around 4:46 a.m. Thursday shows a man, later identified as Tevis Robinson, removing the license plate from his Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SUV.

Tevin Robinson (Courtesy: Hendersonville Police Department)

“Obviously he’s removing his license plate, so we can’t catch him after the fact,” said Sgt. Christopher Gagnon said.

According to police, a few minutes after the license plate was removed, Robinson began searching for cars to enter.

The video shows the suspected Felony Lane Gang member breaking into an Audi, and police say he smashed the windows of four other cars, allegedly stealing wallets, cash, credit cards and electronic devices.

Using an LPR camera, Hendersonville police determined that Robinson was driving a rental car from Nashville International Airport.

Within hours, thankfully, Laura Powers and Tavara Harris returned Robinson’s rental car.

When they did, BNA police stopped them and detained the women for HPD detectives.

Armed with new information, HPD detectives went to a Nashville motel and arrested 28-year-old Robinson in his car in the motel parking lot.

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“He was actually caught inside the car in the parking lot, and the officers surprised him, surprised him, and took him into custody,” said Sgt. Gagnon said. “Detectives did an amazing job, they were able to clear up one case in phenomenal time and it’s another one we can get off the street so they’re not hitting other places.”

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According to police, the trio are check theft suspects from Knoxville and check fraud suspects from Goodlettsville. Police say they are also suspects in cities from South Florida to Atlanta.

Source : www.wkrn.com

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