Fans Are Furious About How Heroes Will Be Unlocked In Overwatch 2

Fans Are Furious About How Heroes Will Be Unlocked In Overwatch 2

surveillance 2 is getting a battle pass and fans are absolutely infuriated by the fact that the new heroes will be locked behind him. The heroes will be on the free track of the battle pass, but that information is not calming the anger of the fan base.

When word first broke today that the heroes would be locked behind a battle pass, the internet went wild with speculation as to whether they’d have to purchase the battle pass to get access to the new heroes. not soon after, SupervisionBlizzard Business Lead and VP Jon Spector tweeted some clarification that the heroes will be on the battle pass free track.

This is problematic for the community for several reasons. The first is that if a hero is locked behind a specific part of a battle pass, that hero won’t be available to play right away, which is something. Supervision The players are not used to it. More importantly, heroes cannot be changed in a time of need if they are not unlocked. Another concern was expressed in the comments below Spector’s tweet.

Supervision players have legitimate concerns about heroes locked behind a battle pass

Dorwulf on Twitter asked “What happens if you don’t reach that specific level in the battle pass?” It’s a valid concern the community has, considering not everyone plays the game consistently and is likely to run out of characters if they miss out on that season’s battle pass. Spector replied and said that there will also be free paths to add those heroes in the future. But fans are worried that Blizzard will put them in the paid store after the season is over and then add them to other battle passes, causing a long wait time to get the hero you missed if you don’t want to pay for it.

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supervision 2 The battle pass system is an incredibly jarring departure from the hero release system that was used to Supervisionso naturally there’s plenty of pushback from fans concerned that they’re now shelling out a ton of money for a game they felt they already paid for when it first released.

On Reddit, a user named TheSamuraiGunner made another great point, which is that Supervision has always relied heavily on hero changes when needed. in games like VALORANTAgents are locked once you choose them, so you don’t need to change them. apex legends is the same way, and in other games like Fortnite Y Fall Guysthere are no special abilities, only cosmetics.

The closest recent example that players can draw for characters locked behind some kind of grind is MultiVersus, which is a fighting game that locks the characters behind the coin. Players aren’t incredibly excited about locked characters, but players also can’t switch between them at will during a match like Supervision they can. MultiVersus characters can only be changed between rounds.

There are still many fans who don’t know surveillance 2battle pass system

Fans know that the heroes will be locked behind the free version of the battle pass and that there will be two different versions, just like in other games where there is a free version and a paid version. But Blizzard hasn’t released any other official information on what the battle pass will look like, so fans are left to speculate on how much it will cost, how many tiers in the battle pass it will take to unlock new heroes, and more.

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What players know is that the first season will start on October 4 when the game launches and the second season will start on December 6, giving players roughly two months to complete the battle pass. While this may not be a problem for those who play regularly, it could be a problem for those who only play here and there and may not be able to unlock heroes in each battle pass, leaving them at a significant disadvantage. .

October 4 is less than a month away and players still don’t know many aspects of the battle pass and how it will work, so fans will have to wait for Blizzard to release more information. But for now, most fans are angry that the heroes are locked behind a free battle pass. Unless surveillance 2 developers decide to move away from that model before launch day, it is likely that surveillance 2 will continue to be heavily criticized in the future.

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