Ellie Taylor: Who is the 2022 Strictly Come Dancing contestant and what is she famous for?

Ellie Taylor: Who is the 2022 Strictly Come Dancing contestant and what is she famous for?

Comedian Ellie Taylor is one of 15 contestants this year. Strictly come to dance.

While best known for comedy, the 38-year-old has also enjoyed a diverse career in hosting, acting, and writing.

Originally from Brentwood in Essex, Taylor started modeling after being spotted while working as an intern.

Deciding it wasn’t for her, she began doing stand-up comedy in her mid-twenties, citing comedians such as Victoria Wood as her early influences.

Since then, Taylor has appeared in several television series, including 8 out of 10 cats tease the week Y Plebs.

He has also presented shows including Kiss marry avoid? and did a season of lodging in radio heartregularly replacing Emma Bunton.

Taylor is a regular at lives in the apollo and has appeared as both a performer and presenter.

Outside of comedy and acting, his debut bookmy son and other mistakes, was published in 2021 and recently became sunday time Best seller.

On whether she has any dancing experience, Taylor said: “I retired from tap dancing and ballet at the age of seven, so apart from doing a kind of mini-disco macarena on European vacations with my son, no!”


Talking about whether he has been preparing in any way for Strictly, she said: “Most of the time I was panicking and staring at a wall wondering what the hell I had done! I’ve also been watching old episodes, which has been helpful in trying to get my mind in the right mindset.

“But I want to do Strictly It’s a bit like having a child. You can imagine how it could be, but you won’t really know how wild it is until it starts. So basically, this is just my coronation right now!”

This year’s series of Strictly come to dance will start in September.

Source : www.independent.co.uk

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