Edith no, this is MLBB’s October 2022 Starlight skin leak!

Edith no, this is MLBB’s October 2022 Starlight skin leak!

Edith no, this is MLBB’s October 2022 Starlight skin leak!

Previously, there were leaks that Edith could be the next Starlight skin for October 2022. But it turns out that through the latest leak from a reliable leaker, it was confirmed that another hero will be getting a Starlight skin for that month.

Instead of being curious, let’s just look at the leaked skin.

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MLBB Starlight Skin October 2022 Leak

Skin Starlight October 2022
source: YT Whiz Super

It turns out that the hero is Eudora, finally Eudora users can be happy because this old Mage hero gets the Starlight mask.

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Of course, this has been eagerly awaited, especially before there were leaks, but it turned out that it hadn’t been released the month before.

Finally, a trusted leaker confirmed that Eudora will be the Starlight skin for October 2022.

Appearance-wise, it looks like it’s been set to a purple color instead of a peak red like the previous leak. We will have to wait for the effect because of course you will be able to see it in the next leak of the game.

Eudora himself is, in fact, an old wizard hero who has few masks, and of course the Starlight mask is the mask we’re waiting for because, like early heroes, but still without a Starlight mask, several new heroes preceded him.

In terms of performance, you can say that Eudora is not too meta for now because the existing meta calls for a prolonged war or team fight, while Eudora is a hero of choice.

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He also lacks escape abilities, making it easy to counter other heroes.

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