Cynthia Erivo teams up with Kelly Clarkson for a powerful duet of “When You Wish Upon a Star”

Cynthia Erivo teams up with Kelly Clarkson for a powerful duet of “When You Wish Upon a Star”

“You’re one of my favorite voices I’ve ever sung with,” Clarkson said. “That was incredible”

now theit’s a duet Cynthia Erivo joined Kelly Clarkson for her beloved Kellyoke segment. The two harmonized and showcased their otherworldly voices during a version of Pinocchio‘s “When you wish on a star”.

After a performance of the popular song originally sung by Cliff Edwards as Jiminy Cricket in the 1940 film, much of the crowd rose to its feet to give the two superstars a standing ovation.

“Quit my band, y’all,” Clarkson said, introducing his show. “As well as the extremely talented Cynthia Erivo, who I’ll talk to in a bit. Your range is incredible. You are one of my favorite voices I have ever sung with. That was incredible.”

“I love you,” Erivo replied with a smile.

“When You Wish Upon a Star” was the first Disney song to win an Oscar, taking home the award in 1940. Now, Erivo stars in the song as the Blue Fairy in the live-action movie that premiered on Disney+ earlier this year. of this month. .

Clarkson has become the go-to place for performances of beloved songs in his Kelly Clarkson Show. Earlier this month, she performed an acoustic version of Stephen Sondheim’s “Losing My Mind.”

The singer recently highlighted the show’s segment with the traveling competition Kellyoke Search. The search, which has been filming on location in New York, Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles for the past few weeks, was looking for “some of the best voices from across America” ​​to join Clarkson in a virtual duo-in-one. of her own songs.

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He released an EP of his own Kellyoke covers from past seasons, including covers of The Weeknd’s “Call Out My Name,” Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever” and Linda Ronstadt’s “Blue Bayou.”


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