Claudio Castagnoli: The only star ratings that matter to Blackpool Combat Club are Uber ratings

Claudio Castagnoli: The only star ratings that matter to Blackpool Combat Club are Uber ratings

Claudio Castagnoli is looking for the perfect five-star rating… on a certain ride-sharing service.

Many wrestlers currently in the business spend at least one day a week traveling. When you’re traveling somewhere that’s far away, ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft will likely be the cheapest alternative to other methods of transportation, like renting a car.

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There are quite a few healthy competitions within Blackpool Combat Club at the moment, one of which includes star ratings, but not those star ratings. Specifically Uber star ratings.

In a new interview with the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Castagnoli discussed a recent conversation the Blackpool Combat Club recently had regarding star ratings.

“We set it up like last week, we had a session before Mox’s title unification match and we set up that… it started as a joke but it was funny because the only thing that matters at Blackpool Combat Club is Uber ratings. The only stars that matter are Uber ratings because [William Regal] has a five-star Uber rating. I brought it up because my Uber rating went down from 4.91 to 4.89 and I’m really upset because that means someone should have rated me lower and I want to know who it was. [Regal] he just raised his rating and says ‘perfect five’. I’ve never met anyone who has a perfect five who uses it as much as he does, so it’s very impressive.”

The multi-talented Tony Schiavone would go on to reveal that his Uber rating is a very solid 4.96.

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Castagnoli has an ROH World Championship defense against Dax Harwood scheduled for Friday’s episode of Rampage. To see the full program lineup, click here.

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