Biden’s approval rating rises but he struggles on key issues, new poll finds

Biden’s approval rating rises but he struggles on key issues, new poll finds

WASHINGTON — A new poll commissioned by a super PAC aligned with President Joe Biden finds the president’s overall approval rating has improved in three battleground states, but voters say he’s mishandling issues like the economy and jobs.

The Unite the Country poll, provided exclusively to NBC News, found that among 1,500 likely voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, Biden’s approval rating rose slightly from 42% in May to 45% in September.

The favorability rating in those states for former President Donald Trump dropped from 44% in May to 39% in September.

More than half, 56%, said they approve of Biden’s handling of the Covid response, and 50% approve of his handling of the war in Ukraine, while voters were evenly split on his handling of abortion and reproductive rights.

The poll found that 54% said they disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy and jobs, 51% disapprove of his handling of health care and 57% disapprove of how he has handled crime and public safety. At least 60% of those polled in the three battleground states said they disliked how Biden has handled immigration, inflation and the national debt.

Unite the Country noted favorably how voters feel about certain legislative victories for the Biden administration. The poll found, for example, that 82% said it was very or somewhat important that the president sign legislation that would allow Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug costs. Nearly 80% said they believe his actions to tackle crime and support the police have been important and that his work to renovate the country’s infrastructure is important.

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“While the environment has improved significantly over the last seven months for Democrats, the reality is that neither side has sealed the deal,” the group said in a statement. “As we have seen in previous midterm cycles, these events can come late and no Democrat needs to rest for a second between now and November.”

The PAC said it “will continue to educate voters in swing states about the successes of the Biden administration.”

When asked how voters planned to vote for the Senate in November, an average of 52% in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin said they would vote for the Democratic candidate, and 48% said they planned to vote for the Republican. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin, is one of the most vulnerable Republican incumbents, with Cook’s Political Report calling the Wisconsin race a draw and the race for the open Pennsylvania Senate seat leaning Democratic.

When asked how they planned to vote for congressional candidates in their districts, 50% of likely voters said they planned to vote Democrat, while 47% said they would vote Republican. Some of the most competitive contests in this general election cycle, which could determine which party has the majority in the House for the next two years, are the races for House seats in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

The poll, which surveyed 500 likely voters in each battleground state from September 14-19, reported a sampling error margin of 2.5% with a 95% confidence interval.

jonathan allen contributed.

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