Bananas will make their long-awaited return to ‘The Challenge’ for season 38 – who else is competing?

Bananas will make their long-awaited return to ‘The Challenge’ for season 38 – who else is competing?

It’s been almost a year since viewers got to see alumni from shows like The Real World, Big Brother, Survivor compete on MTV’s version of The Challenge, but the show will officially return for season 38 on October 12.

Although viewers have been able to see The Challenge: USA on CBS and The Challenge: All Stars on Paramount Plus in the months since the end of season 37, nothing compares to the original.

The 38th season of the ruthless competition show is themed with Ride or Die, meaning the stars are working alongside a partner who is an out-of-game relative or spouse, an enemy turned friend, or a long-time fellow competitor. weather. Who is associated in The Challenge: Ride or Die? Read on to learn more about all 17 pairings.

1. Nany González and Johnny “Bananas” DevenanzioSource: MTV

Nany and Bananas had been partners before, coming in fourth place in Battle of the Exes 2. The two teamed up again for season 38, and Nany’s current romantic partner, Kaycee Clark, will also be competing.

Ride or Die marks the long-awaited return of Bananas, who were teased out of retirement after winning the show for an all-time seventh time in 2020.

2. Tori Deal and Devin Walker Source: MTV

Both Devin and Tori are Challenge veterans, but used to be enemies. They also originally rose to fame starring in Are You the One?, although they appeared in different seasons.

3. Kenny Clark and Kaycee Clark Source: MTV

The Big Brother alumna and one-time winner of The Challenge is turning Season 38 into a family affair. She competes in the season with her brother, Kenny.

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4. Darrell Taylor and Veronica Portillo Source: Instagram

Veronica and Darrell are longtime Challenge veterans, with the latest star having won the show four times.

5. Sam Bird and Kailah Bird Source: MTV

Kailah is no stranger to competing on The Challenge and this time around, she’ll be joined by her husband, Sam Bird. Love Island UK fans will recognize Sam from season 4.

6. Ravyn Rochelle and Johnny Middlebrooks Source: MTV

Although some fans will only know Johnny from Love Island USA, he is set to make his Challenge debut in season 38. He will be working alongside influencer Ravyn Rochelle. The partners are represented by the same agency.

7. Michele Fitzgerald and Jay Starrett Source: MTV

Michele and Jay rose to fame on different seasons of Survivor (Michele won the show before), and they’ve both competed on The Challenge before.

Neither partner has won before, so the two are likely to be out for blood in Season 38.

8. Aneesa Ferreira and Jordan Wiseley Source: MTV

Aneesa and Jordan are a power duo, having both competed on many seasons of the show before (Jordan also won). Will they be able to secure a victory, or will Jordan be distracted when he has to face his ex-fiancée, Tori?

9. Chauncey Palmer and Amber Borzotra Source: MTV

Amber won the show as a rookie and has been one of the strongest competitors ever since. She teamed up with her boyfriend, Chuncey, for season 38. Will her third time on the show be a sweetheart, or will her relationship get in the way of a successful ending?

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10. Moriah Jadea and Fessy Shaffaat Source: MTV

The Big Brother alumnus and recent member of the Challenge is partnered with his friend, Moriah.

11. Nam Vo and Emmy Russ Source: MTV

Nam, who has appeared in two other seasons of The Challenge, is paired with Beauty and the Geek Germany/Celebrity Big Brother alumna Emmy Russ. The same agency represents both.

12. Jakk Maddox and Laurel Stucky Source: MTV

Laurel has been one of the Challenge’s main competitors for a long time, although she has taken several seasons off recently. Will her big comeback with her partner Jakk mark her second win?

Jakk and Laurel have appeared before on Ex on the Beach.

13. Nelson Thomas and Nurys MateoSource: Instagram

Nelson and his ex, Nurys (who appeared on Ex on the Beach) will have to put their differences aside in order to compete well together in Season 38.

14. Tamara Alfaro and Turabi «Turbo» ÇamkıranSource: MTV

Turbo won his first season of The Challenge, and also appeared on Survivor Turkey a whopping three times. The competitor clearly has the guts to win the game again, and will try to do it alongside his girlfriend, Tamara.

15. Olivia Kaiser and Horacio Gutierrez Source: MTV

Horacio appeared on season 5 of Exatlón Estados Unidos, while fans met Olivia for the first time on Love Island USA. Both partners, who are friends, will make their Challenge debut in Season 38.

16. Kim Tranka and Colleen Schneider Source: MTV

Kim, who appeared on Prince Charming Germany, and Colleen, who was on My Best Friend and I and The Mole Germany are another rookie couple.

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17. Tommy Bracco and Analyze Talavera Source: MTV

Big Brother 21 alumni Tommy and Analyze are working together again on The Challenge. As a pair of rookies, Analyze and Tommy are likely to be the first targets.

The Challenge: Ride or Die will premiere on MTV on October 12 at 8 pm ET.

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