Archie Horror Spreads Holiday Fear With Happy HorrorDays

Archie Horror Spreads Holiday Fear With Happy HorrorDays

Archie Comics has announced that it will wish readers a very scary holiday season with the latest release of Archie Horror, the new one-shot comic. Happy Horror Dayswhose release is scheduled for December.

Leading the anthology is a return to the world of Jughead: The Hunger by creators Frank Tieri (dead pool) and Joe Eisma (morning glories), while the second story by Joanne Starer (city ​​sirens) and artist Butch Map (Star Wars) sees the return of Sheila Wu and the collection is rounded out with a terrifying twist on a staple Archie Christmas character, Sugar Plum, Santa’s fairy helper, from writer Joe Corallo (she said destroy) and the artist Patrick Piazzalunga (project patron).

It was the night before Christmas, and in the entire house, not a single creature moved, not even a… werewolf?! The holidays look a little different in Riverdale this year: Santa Claus is nowhere to be seen, but Krampus is on the rampage! Who can take it down? Why only someone who can find his mate, and that someone’s best friend/monster hunter? That’s right, WereJug returns to battle the festive horned and hoofed beast with Betty Cooper in his corner! Then, we dive into the true story of the Icelandic Christmas cat, Jólakötturinn, and his teacher, Sheila Wu? Finally, Reggie meets a cute girl whom he takes to the Christmas dance, but things are not what they seem when she systematically dismantles Reggie’s life! The holidays are horrible in this special horror anthology that reunites the team from Jughead: the Hunger.

Archie’s Happy HorrorDays will be released on December 14.

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