A fun show with Ali. Do you know Ali’s compensation?

A fun show with Ali. Do you know Ali’s compensation?
Ali has earned a unique identity as a comedian in the industry with his own air of humor where there are many comedians in the Telugu film industry. Comedian Ali, who started his career as a child artist, is known to be already a top-tier comedian in the industry. He acted in many movies as a hero in his career and received super hits. But in recent times, many new comedians have entered the industry, comedian Ali only gets sporadic opportunities.

However, it is known that Ali, who acted as a comedian in hundreds of movies, also appeared as a TV presenter. She has been presenting the program “Ali with Fun” broadcast on ETV for many years. As part of this show, Ali calls in a celebrity guest each week and tells the audience about many aspects of her life. Needless to say, in this order, the show in which Olly acts as the narrator gets top marks. But there is a discussion on social media that comedian Ali, who has been hosting this show for many years, is getting big pay for this show.

According to the current talk, Ali is receiving remuneration of up to 6.50 lakhs per episode for hosting the show called Fun with Ali. And after all types of taxes are removed and some more is given to her personal staff, each episode will still be up to 15 lakhs. For three or four weeks in a month like this, a funny program with Ali is broadcast. Comedian Ali is receiving up to 20 lakhs per month through this program. It is known that Aoli’s remuneration will be huge in the film.

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