A breakdown of all the allegations so far

A breakdown of all the allegations so far

A lot has happened since Monday, when the world discovered that a very famous musician can also be (gasp!) a womanizer.

OK, not exactly shocking. And there’s no real evidence that Adam Levine, frontman for the pop band Maroon 5, ever had a physical affair. But the breakneck speed at which five different women have come forward this week, claiming everything from a year-long relationship to an innocent flirtation with the singer, has gossip hounds salivating.

A series of awkward Instagram DMs show that People2013’s Sexiest Man Alive may have let the honor go to his head. There are moments of unadulterated ego, like when he appears to tell a woman he’s “50 times sexier in person” before adding, “and so am I,” or when he then asks the same woman if she can name her son after her, leading her to conclude, “I’m in hell.” Some of the messages are pathetically raunchy: In one thread, he appears to praise a woman’s butt and begs her, “I’d do anything for it,” capping off his plea with a rolling eye emoji that almost makes you feel bad. for him, until you remember that he is married and has children.

Some of the accusations take a more sinister turn. A woman claims her boyfriend physically assaulted her after finding suggestive text messages from the singer on her phone.

Levine has remained mostly silent as he weathers the storm of revelations and subsequent media coverage. After the first accusation, Levine denied having an affair, but managed to use “bad judgment in speaking to anyone other than my wife in ANY flirtatious way,” according to a statement provided to TMZ. Since then, four more women have come forward with their own stories and receipts, raising questions about the future of their marriage.

Meanwhile, paparazzi have seen the singer and his wife of eight years, former Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo, several times since the scandal broke. The couple, who share two children and are currently expecting their third, were all smiles as they strolled through Montecito, California, where they have a home, on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Below is a rundown of the five women who have come forward against Levine so far.

Sumner Stroh

Stroh single-handedly broke this scandal in a pivotal TikTok post on Monday.

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The 23-year-old OnlyFans model, who now has nearly a million followers on TikTok and Instagram combined, says she was involved in an affair with Levine for about a year, though it’s unclear when the alleged date began.

His first video includes screenshots of Instagram direct messages purportedly from Levine.

“It’s really unreal how fucking hot you are,” he seems to say from his verified account. “As if my head was blown off.” She then adds: “You are 50 times more attractive in person. And me too lol.”

Meanwhile, Stroh says he was under the impression Levine and Prinsloo were estranged. She admits to feeling “exploited” and “manipulated” by the alleged affair, which she says began shortly after she moved to Los Angeles.

The weirdest part comes when, after what Stroh describes as “months” of not speaking, Levine appears to slip into her inbox again last summer to ask if he can name their third child after her.

“Okay, serious question. I’m having another baby and if he’s a boy I really want to name him Sumner. Do you agree with that? DEAD seriously,” the screenshot of the message reads.

In another TikTok posted Tuesday, Stroh claims he only showed up because he wanted to kill any potential news in the works, after discovering one of his friends tried to sell the screenshots to a tabloid.

I thought they were staying [their separation] silence to avoid negative press. She was new to Los Angeles, so I just assumed with celebrities of that caliber that it was,” she says in Tuesday’s video. “I believed everything she said because of my vulnerable position.”

Levine has denied ever meeting anyone or having an affair, but his alleged messages to Stroh, if legitimate, directly contradict him.

alyson rose

On Tuesday, Rose, who has 69,000 followers on Instagram and appears to have tried her hand at a cosmetics line last year, though not much is known about her beyond that, posted a since-deleted TikTok showing more flirty messages from the Grammy winner. musician.

“I shouldn’t be talking to you,” Levine appears to tell him in the messages.

TikTok users were quick to roast Rose for some of her own responses, in which she tried to set herself apart from other women with her taste in music.

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“I’m really weird too and I only listen to metal lol,” she said, to which Levine replied, “I said never hotter girls than you.”

Despite her dubious attempts to stand out, Rose seems to have been inspired by Stroh’s honesty.

“If any other girls have experiences with him, which I’m sure they do, I think they should post it, because I feel so bad for his wife,” she said at the end of her video.


Maryka, perhaps the most mysterious figure in this saga, is a heavily tattooed young woman who has some 46,000 followers on Instagram. Although her account once described her as a comedian, that tag appears to have been removed from her profile.

On Tuesday, TMZ reported that she posted a series of screenshots of direct Instagram messages between her and Levine’s official account.

Content creator Dana Omari quickly took command of this part of the drama and shared more screenshots between Maryka and Levine on her own Instagram account.

In one exchange, Maryka appears to say that she’s taking time off Instagram, to which Levine replies, “Distract yourself fucking with me!” She then sends him a short video message saying, “I’m stupid.”

In another exchange, he admits, “Now I’m obsessed with you,” to which Maryka asks, “Dude, aren’t you like married lol.” Levine replies, “Yes, but it’s a bit tricky. Things get tough and the video thing didn’t help. I could run away.

alanna zabel

Zabel, owner of AZ I AM yoga in Santa Monica, California, posted an Instagram story on Tuesday detailing the dark ending to Levine’s risqué communication with her.

Zabel, 49, says his exchanges with the singer took place while she was his yoga teacher between 2007 and 2010. (This accusation doesn’t seem to overlap with Levine’s relationship with Prinsloo, whom he allegedly met in 2012.)

“One day he texted me saying, ‘I want to spend the day with you naked.’ He was in the bathroom but my jealous ex saw him and was furious,” he wrote in his post this week.

Zabel tried to convince his boyfriend that Levine’s text messages were meant for his girlfriend at the time, Rebecca Ginos. She says she then texted Levine to ask if that was the case, but when he didn’t respond, her boyfriend allegedly got violent and broke her wrist.

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“Massively life-changing and destructive moment,” Zabel said. “And when I told Adam, he ignored him, he never apologized, he pulled me off the next tour and cut me off during one of the most devastating times of my life.”

In a follow-up post later Tuesday, she clarified that Levine was not responsible for her boyfriend’s actions.

“What disappointed me and continues to disappoint me about Adam is how Adam responded after this incident,” he said.

In a comment below her post, she added: “I hope Adam can be honest and real. I hope that he can be an example for men on how to treat women, because girls are good! But that doesn’t mean that women are objects and should be treated that way. I know Adam has a good heart there, and I hope that he, too, can find deep healing in this situation, making peace with his past, as he grooms his young daughters to be empowered, intelligent, and respected young women one day. ”.

ashley russell

The latest woman to bring charges against Levine is Ashley Russell, a 21-year-old college student at Auburn University, who told the daily mail that Levine began viewing her Instagram Stories in March after allegedly finding her on her “Explore” page.

“I wonder what his [feed] it seems… all young women? Very strange for me,” Russell told the British tabloid.

Levine then went on to like her posts and send her messages asking if she was in college and applauding her progress in the gym.

“[He would message] almost every day at night around 10 pm my time. He would check every time he posted a story, which was every day, and he would always see it,” she said. “He would mostly like booty stories and he would always respond with something to do with leg day or booty at the gym.”

Their exchanges ended after she advised him not to flirt with random women online.

“When I told him he was going to get caught direct messaging girls like me, he stopped texting me,” she said.

Source : www.thedailybeast.com

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